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Authentic Movements is proud to offer an on-demand virtual 200HR training that lets you work at your own pace AND receive personalized feedback + live teaching opportunities. The course has open enrollment, so snag your spot and join our growing team of teachers and movement artists!

Prefer to audit the course without feedback? We would love to have you and it’s only half the price!

* For all Sign-ups after July 1st the course term will be 1-year from registration date

Virtual 300 YTT




First Limited Term:  July 1st – December 31st, 2022*


Our fully on-demand format has more flexibility for those who work full time and/or live outside of the States. Work at your own pace, personalized homework feedback to keep you on track, and weekly opportunities to connect Live Zoom with students/ instructors.

Audit Only Option Available

Meet the team!

Steph GonGora - Lead TEacher

Steph Gongora is a lead instructor in all Authentic Movements courses & intensives. Her focus often includes creative sequencing work, exploring basic biomechanics, bringing you accessible inversions, and investigating creative prop usage.

Bianca Scalise - Lead Teacher

Bianca Scalise is a lead instructor in all Authentic Movements courses and intensives. You’ll see her shine in lectures and classes surrounding manual assists, meditation, creative restorative, incorporating outside modalities and more.

Alexis Yauch - Assistant Teacher

Alexis Ann Yauch is an Authentic Movements 500HR Alum. Her “movement” practice started with yoga and traveling to live in different states over the years. Practicing yoga through every move, every town and each experience guided her ability to learn and grow. Months after landing in Baldwin Maryland, Alex started her first yoga teacher training in 2017. Freely moving from one place to the next and now growing from a place called here. She has spent the last 4 almost 5 years building her career. Alex has assisted over 8 YTTs with her home studio and the AM team. She has lead multiple creative workshops (paint night, wood crafts, tye-dye) and as of Sept. 2020 her first retreat. Alex loves her dog Oliver, making snacks, hiking and teaching.

Erin Kelly - Lead Teacher

Erin Kelly is a lead instructor in all Authentic Movements courses and intensives. You’ll find her leading philosophy lectures + human behavior analysis, showcasing her creative sequencing style, and helping everyone tap into the artist within.

Cait Nolan - Head of Admin

Cait Nolan heads up course design, customer service, and backend organization for #TeamAM. You’ll be hearing from her for updates, technical assistance, and more. Need to get ahold of Cait? Use the Contact Us tab in the top right corner!

Kim Picklap - Assistant Teacher

Hi. My name is Kim, and I’ve been teaching since 2010. My classes typically have a flow element, which combines creativity and intelligent bio-mechanics. I strive to create a space for supported playfulness that allows each unique spirit to surface. In 2019, I completed my 500hr teacher training with Authentic Movements, which expanded my toolbox to teach humans as extraordinary, one-of-a-kind bodies

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Our Authentic Movements Virtual200 is an open enrollment, on-demand training that offers the best of both worlds. Work at your own pace (up to 2 years!) and still get the personalized feedback and live teaching check-ins to help progress your practice and teaching. Check the link below for all of the details about how to start your Foundational Yoga Teacher Training journey today!

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