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7 Movement Workshops

6 Recovery-style Classes

7 Strength & Conditioning Segments

8 Introspective Practices

20+ Lectures with Team AM & Guest Experts


There is so much to learn about the human body and how it can move. Join Team Authentic Movements and a variety of guest lecturers for this comprehensive deep-dive into movement science and strength. 

From basic anatomy review and an introduction of strength and conditioning principles to complex and nuanced discussions about alignment, the nervous system, and even nutrition, this 50HR continued education course has you covered.

The package itself easily contains over 50 hours of movement sessions, lectures, and introspective practices, plus an additional 10+ hours of optional, but helpful pre-work to assist with getting everyone on the same page no matter your background in human physiology. 


Dr. Ben House – Guest Instructor

Ben House PhD, CISSN has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist since 2006. House was accepted to medical school without an undergraduate degree, but elected to finish his degree and pursue a career in the health and fitness sector. He finished...

Bianca Scalise – Lead Teacher

Bianca Scalise is a lead instructor in all Authentic Movements courses and intensives. You’ll see her shine in lectures and classes surrounding manual assists, meditation, creative restorative, incorporating outside modalities and more. Questions for Bianca? OTHER...

Erin Kelly – Lead Teacher

Erin Kelly’s (@erinkellyart) a Yoga and Movement Educator, who currently travels the world leading in-person events and also has a wide variety of online continued education courses available with her school Authentic Movements. She has been practicing, studying and...

Stevi Gongora – Lead Teacher

Stevi Góngora (@casa_colibri) is a movement and aerials teacher and educator based out of both Uvita, Costa Rica and Asheville, North Carolina.  An athlete her whole life, Stevi practiced gymnastics, dance, and track throughout her youth and became immersed in the...

Zac Cupples – Guest Instructor

 Zac Cupples is a physical therapist, performance coach, and nutrition coach. He graduated from St. Ambrose University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2011 and completed an orthopedic residency in 2013 to attain his OCS, and became a certified strength and...

Anthony Difiglio – Lead Teacher

My name is Anthony DiFiglio. I wanted to be as present as I could throughout this training and thought the best way to do that would be to offer up my services just as I do for in-person trainings at affordable and accessible rates. Alongside my lectures, I help...

Jenni Rawlings – Guest Instructor

Jenni Rawlings, E-RYT has completed a wealth of trainings & learning in the fields of yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, and human movement. She is the co-founder of Strength for Yoga, which is a digital book (Strength Training for Yoga) and an ongoing, interactive...

The 50HR Movement Science and Strength CET course is designed as either a stand alone offering for those looking to supplement their previous studies in biomechanics OR as a required module in our HYBRID MODULAR 300HR (500 track), registered program. It can benefit both teachers and avid practitioners alike, and the online format allows you to revisit all included content for a year from your purchase date.

The course is presented in a linear manner and includes a 200pg reference manual which can be downloaded and printed, if desired. The manual contains helpful graphics to follow along during lectures, class skeletons for movement sessions, additional information for those looking for further readings, and helpful homework sheets and suggestions. 

Those who wish to earn a 50HR certificate will need to watch all content and pass the multiple choice final exam at the end of the course. Authentic Movements is here to help, and we are confident that you’ll enjoy and benefit from this info-packed offering. 


Anatomy Terminology Overview

Understanding Joint Basics

Major Muscle Review

Fascial Lines

Controversial Cues

Deep Dive: Breath

Deep Dive: Posture + Position

Deep Dive: Nervous System

Science of Strength

Strength & Conditioning Principles

Nutrition, Wellness, Nuance

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