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Wristoring your Practice

With Erin Kelly & Anthony DiFiglio

While the yogic tradition honors the physical body, wrist injuries have become a norm to life on the mat. In this course, we’ll connect asana and movement mechanics to rethink the longevity of your practice.

Utilizing Feelio Blocks, you’ll learn how to take the stress off your wrists without sacrificing the growth of your practice. This course is designed for those with wrist discomfort and those interested in taking preventative measures for joint and tissue health.

What’s in Wristoring your practice?

1 personal consultation with Erin or Anthony

midway check-in via Zoom scheduled at your convenience

9 Science and Practice Videos

Including assessment, practical anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology

8 Yoga Classes and Workout Videos

Including strength training, vinyasa, and breath-work

7 Asana Labs Videos

Including posture & position breakdowns, sequencing, and prop usage

Plus new content every month in 2022!

Including classes, warm-ups, workouts, case studies, PDF handouts, and more

Course Access

1 year from the purchase date

For this course, we highly recommend having a pair of Feelio Blocks, which can be purchased using the Wristoring your Practice course discount code that comes when you purchase the course, or a pair of 2-3lb dumbbells. The course is linear, so each segment will expand upon previous material. If you wish to receive a 20 HR CET Certificate you will need to watch all content and complete the final quiz at the end of the course.

Meet Erin & Anthony:

Since 2018, Erin and Anthony have been collaborating together as educators for the 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs with Authentic Movements. Erin is a traditionally trained yoga practitioner who’s stimulated by creatively altering routine practice into logical and exciting sequencing. Anthony’s background in exercise, performance, and physiology brings an extraordinary range of teachings from strength to the subtleties of awareness. They both love pulling from other fields, breaking down traditions and common movements to see how minor shifts alter the entire experience. You can often catch them in the gym or yoga studio after hours making fun of each other and acting like children to come up with fresh and unusual ways to express both the use and dismissal of concepts and opinions. If you wish to add handstands into your flow or find more engagement in postures like downward dog and plank, the building blocks are surprisingly similar. We will focus on the foundations, encapsulating the tools necessary for beginners to more advanced practitioners. In this series of workshops, you’ll learn how to build awareness around the wrists and the importance of your connection to the ground for the longevity of your practice. The wrists are arguably the most important asset to the yoga practice. From down dog to handstand, being able to load the hands is essential for the beginner to the advanced practitioner, which is why we are bringing the Feelio Blocks along for this workshop! We look forward to seeing you there, Erin & Anthony.