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This mini course is for all my nerds out there!

If you are curious about fascia – what it is made up of, its functions & WHY it matters…

If you want to integrate Myofascial Release (MFR) into your yoga classes

If you simply want to learn more about the human body This course is for you!

Deep dive with Bianca into the world of fascia & myofascial release/ self massage!

Topics covered in this course include:

Fascia – What is it made up of? What are its functions?

Myofascial Release – What is happening in the body when we do MFR?

MFR Techniques by body part (including small anatomy review)

Myofascial Chains – What are the anatomy trains & how can we apply them to yoga

MFR in the yoga context – How can we apply MFR in our classes? How to cue MFR

This course includes:

28 mini lectures (ranging from 5 minutes -40 minutes long)

36 hands on MFR Technique mini sessions (ranging from 5 minutes – 35 minutes)

Bonus Classes integrating MFR in a Yoga Context

All the slides Bianca goes over in the course (over 60 slides)

Go at your own pace  Access to the material is granted for a year from the sign up date.

If you would like to receive the 25HR CET Certificate you will need to watch all content and complete the final exam at the end of the cours