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Do you love creative flow?
Are you interested in incorporating aspects of modern dance and unique prop usage into your yoga practice and teaching?
Would you like to explore different, creativity-based activities to help inspire your sequencing?!

Join Steph Góngora, one of the lead teachers at Authentic Movements, for an 18 hour mini course that takes you through:

  • 6 creative flow classes
  • 6 sequence analysis sessions to talk about the WHY behind the WAY
  • 6 collaboration and brainstorming sessions meant to stimulate your inner muse
  • AND bonus lectures about the basics of both creating and teaching unusual flows and transitions.

Whether you’re a movement teacher, you enjoy creating personal practices, or you want to get into some funky flows with Steph, this course has you covered! All provided offerings are optional so that you can pick and choose what works for your needs, and you have access to the material for an entire year! Stick to the suggested order the first time through or hop around as desired. Let’s get weird and explore the essence of Authentic Movements together.

Meet Authentic Movements instructor Steph Góngora as she talks about the inspiration for this course, who might benefit from exploring creative peak work, what is included in the course package, and what props can help you make the most of these offerings.

A Message from Steph...

Hi, I’m Steph from Team AM. Welcome to my newest mini course – Dancing with Self – the Art of Authentic Movements. This course combines two of my favorite movement modalities – dance and yoga with another one of my favorite past times – coming up with wild and whacky things to do with props. Personally, I come from a dance background. That started with ballet and modern dance during my youth, and morphed into pole and aerial work a few decades back. For a long time, I tried to keep my more traditional yoga practice and my dancing separate. Sometimes I still do, and I love an alignment packed yoga class. BUT…I also LOVE creative flow, and don’t even get me started on creative flow with purpose and an understanding of anatomy. Throw in weird and unusual prop usage, and now I’m really excited. And so…dancing with self was born. This course is really for anyone interested in creative movement. Doing it. Brainstorming it. Teaching it. We’ve got you. While it’s presented in the suggested order, we don’t FORCE you to complete any portion of it, or force you to stick to the order offered. So if you simply want to take the flow classes and leave the rest, that’s fine. If you want to spend more time on the instructional videos or creative brainstorm sessions, that’s great too. And if you want to do it all, even better. What does doing it all mean? I’m so glad you asked. Your purchase of this course grants you 1 year of access to:


6 Flow Classes with optional linked playlists

6 Sequencing Breakdowns

6 Guided Brainstorm sessions

A peak sequence lecture and a cueing for creativity + teaching tips lecture


Each class is designed with a peak flow style ramp that eventually culminates in something resembling a blend between yoga and modern dance. There is a different prop that is highlighted in each flow class, although alternatives for less common props are offered as well. The classes themselves are aimed more at an intermediate audience and up, meaning some level of yoga, dance, or movement experience is helpful. That being said, all are presented in signature AM fashion, which means a ladder style offering of slowly building opportunities with an open invitation to get off the proverbial bus wherever you choose. To make the most of this series, you’ll need access to a wall, 2 yoga blocks or thick books, a long yoga strap (or scarf/tie), a solid chair/bench, and some kind of slippery surface (aka a floor) with a towel or blanket. No, you don’t need all those things at the same time, and each class lists the props recommended in the caption below AND in the introduction. While you can absolutely do this course on your own, it would be really enjoyable to collaborate with a friend or two. Here at AM, we are big fans of the power of collective creativity, and some of the suggested brainstorm activities can be very extra fun with friends. Those who complete the course can count their hours as continued education through Need a different price or a payment plan? Email [email protected] so we can work together to make this accessible for you. Join me for an exploration in creative expression and unique prop usage. Let’s get moving!