Practicing & Teaching Accessible Inversions

50HR Teacher Training

Boulder, CO |  June 24-28th, 2024


Are you interested in starting your own inversion practice?


Progressing your current work upside down?


Or maybe sequencing accessible, inversion-inspired classes for your business?


Join Stevi Góngora (@casa_colibri), and  Erin Kelly (@erinkellyart) for a 5 day, 50HR INVERSION TRAINING at the Boulder Circus Center in Colorado.

An energetic and community-building experience, this 50HR Module – Practicing & Teaching Accessible Inversions – can be a stand-alone training for those specifically looking to learn more about inversions, or part of the Authentic Movements Modular 500HR Program.

Our five days together will be full, but gratifying with daily movement class, applied anatomy lab, practice teaching/sequencing, and afternoon recovery work. While the focus of the training is finding confidence upside down (arm balances, headstand, forearm stand, handstand, pressing), many of the full body activators and alignment drills can be sprinkled throughout your movement practice to help find fluidity in all transitions, on and off the mat.

The building of intelligence in the body for inversions stems from creative sequencing in flow format, so expect the non-traditional funky flows that Erin, and Stevi are known for, in addition to more structured and discussion-based workshop sections that will be tailored to the group’s personal needs.

More than anything, expect to take home a full toolbox for practicing and teaching accessible inversions, as well as a general understanding of the WHY behind the WAY from an applied anatomy and biomechanics standpoint. Attendees who meet the prerequisites and complete all hours + assignments will be eligible to apply the module toward the Authentic Movements Module 500HR Program.


 Participants Also Receive: Printed manuals to correspond with presented materials and to serve as a resource for personal notes and continual study.


We’ll Explore:


Core Control

Arm Balances


Forearm Stand



and MORE!



June 24-28th, 2024 (5 days)

8:00am – 5:30pm




Optional Payment Plan – $400 Deposit + $500 Balance Due June 10th, 2024 ($900 total)


**AM Alumni (YTTs, Intensives, Retreats, Mentorship) – Check your email for a $200 OFF discount code or email [email protected]**



Boulder Circus Center – Boulder, CO



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Training Fees Include:

  • All training content and pre-work for in-person session
  • Morning movement practice and afternoon recovery classes all geared toward practicing and teaching accessible inversions.
  • Daily afternoon workshops surrounding anatomy and sequencing in relation to our work upside down.
  • Printed Course Manual
  • MyoFascial Release Balls

Additional Items (Not included):

  • Lodging in/around Boulder
  • Meals + Snacks
  • Parking + Transport
  • Props – Please Bring a mat, 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 blanket, 1 pair of socks (we will have some extras, but appreciate those who are able to bring their own!)

Who is this training for?

This 50HR continued education movement module is for anyone wanting to integrate accessible inversion drills & sequencing into their personal practice and/or design effective movement classes surrounding getting upside down.  We believe that having a solid understanding of inversion mechanics, along with knowledge about common tendencies can help empower your teaching and practice of these tricky asanas.

This training is open to everyone although we highly recommend at least 1-2 years of regular, solid practice, as well as a serious interest in inversions. You do not have to be able to balance in handstand, forearm stand, or headstand to attend, but please understand that we will be spending many hours on the mat each day, and while you are never required to physically participate, prepping the body can be helpful. Already an inversion ninja? Come to pick up new tips/tricks and/or to cement your teaching practices to all-levels of audiences. Not sure if it’s right for you? Just ask! [email protected]

This 50HR module is offered as a stand alone continued education course for ANYONE, but is also a necessary component of the Authentic Movements 500HR Modular Program. Whether you decide to join the program before or after your time in Austin, we are confident that the time spent together, practicing and exploring in a community setting, will offer countless tips and tools to take home.

**You do NOT need a 200HR training to attend this event, just a regular movement practice.**

Sample Schedule

*8:00am – 10:00am – Morning Movement Class + Introspection

*10:00am – 12:00pm – Lecture + Workshop + Teaching Methodologies

*12:00pm – 1:30pm – Lunch Break

*1:30pm – 4:30pm – Practice Teaching, Followup, Workshop

*4:30pm – 5:30pm – Recovery Work

This schedule may vary on a daily basis, and there may be a bit more free time on some days as well as some short and helpful homework assignments. Tuesday & Thursday will end at 5pm vs 5:30pm.

We ask that participants please be on time to avoid delays. While those looking to register with Yoga Alliance for the 500HR program will need to attend all sessions to accumulate the required hours, we ask that you honor your body and simply observe whenever needed. For those just attending for personal purposes, you may pick and choose sessions to attend as desired.


Curious ABOUT OUR 300HR (500HR Track) Modular Program?

The full program has launched and you can get a jump on the training by participating in this qualifying 50HR inversion module. Add on at any time!

What to expect…

The Authentic Movements 50HR Practicing & Teaching Inversions Module will offer a brave community space to explore and implement effective techniques to build the strength and awareness to find balance upside down.

Days will be broken up into three distinct segments with each day focusing on specific inversions and/or movements to build toward inversions. Inversions covered include popular arm balances, headstand variations, forearm stand, handstand, and handstand pressing.

Mornings will consist of a brief introspective practice followed by morning movement. Here we will explore the basics surrounding the inversion(s) of the day including important warm ups, strengthening drills, and how to implement pieces of your upside work into standard flows and transitions.

There will be small workshop sections, limited partner work, and time for brief Q&As, although most of the morning is reserved for movement as we prepare our bodies for the rest of the day.

After the morning movement, we will get into the details. Most days will include a small anatomy lecture to understand relevant mechanics and typical tendencies for a myriad of bodies. We will then discuss the use of props and partners to make the practice more accessible and/or progress our inversion work even further.

Time will be spent practicing these drills, as well as discussing the sequence from the morning to understand simple class structures that can lead to growth. Expect additional movement time as we add on to the morning information as a class, in small groups, and with partners.

Post afternoon break, we will revisit questions from the lecture section, introduce more practice teaching opportunities, and address any additional work related to the day’s specific topics. Finally, we will close with daily restorative practice and small homework assignments to help implement and digest the information.

Here are just SOME of the fun topics we will be covering!

  • History of Inversions
  • Common Inversion Myths
  • Harnessing the Deep Core as a Stabilizer, Not Just a Mover
  • Relevant Anatomy
  • Sequencing Basics for Arm Balances, Headstand, Forearm Stand, Handstand, Pressing
  • Recovery Work for Inversions
  • Arm Balances: Anatomy Of, Strength of the Arms/Core, Risk Factors, Crow, Side Crow, EPK Series, Elephant’s Trunk/Eight Angle
  • Headstand: Anatomy Of, Strength of the Neck, Proper Alignment, Risk Factors, Supported, Tripod, Funky, Transitions to/from, Arm Movements
  • Forearm Stand: Anatomy Of, Shoulder Strength vs Flexibility, Proper Alignment, Weight Distribution, Traditional, Funky, Hollow back, Transitions
  • Handstand: Anatomy Of, Shoulder Mobility, Pelvic Stability, Risk Factors, Free-Standing Drills, Partner Drills, Wall Drills, Falling, Leg Variations
  • Pressing: Anatomy Of, Soft Compression, TVA + Glute Med Activation, Building Up to Press, Straddle Press, Tuck Press, Pike Press, Crow Press, Partner Work, Wall Work, Props to Get us There


Boulder Circus Center


Boulder, CO


4747 26th St, Boulder, CO 80301

We will be hosting this 5 day event at the Boulder Circus Center, renting the spacious Rastelli Room for room to play and explore.

All sign ups for this event are handled through Authentic Movements. Please do not contact Boulder Circus Center to register. We are happy to help with your questions and concerns. <3






This event is located in North Boulder.  Please make sure to use the address when looking for acommodations.

North Boulder is known for its abundance of airbnb & hotel options. If you want to make plans with other attendees we recommend signing up early and reaching out of the FB group to coordinate.

Plenty of Free Parking at Locations

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and things change. We will do our best to be flexible, however, the closer the cancellation is to the actual start date, the less likely it is that we will be able to fill your space. We highly suggest you purchase travel insurance in case of any emergency change of plans, and are happy to answer any other questions that you might have! DEPOSITS ARE ALWAYS NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE. Thanks for understanding.


More than 1 months prior to start date:

Deposit – Non-Refundable  & Non-transferable

Additional Payment after Deposit – Fully Refundable


Less than 1 month prior to start date

Deposit – Non-Refundable  & Non-transferable

Additional Payment after Deposit – Non-Refundable


Videography and Photo Release: There will be Photographs and video taken during training and used for promotional purposes. By signing up for this retreat, you are agreeing to allow any photographs taken of you to be used by Stevi Gongora, Erin Kelly, Bianca Scalisé, and/or Authentic Movements.


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